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One Stop Service Center

Updated at 18 April, 2023, Tuesday

One Stop Service Center

The Government of Nepal has set up a One Stop Service Center (OSSC) as envisioned by Industrial Enterprise Act and Foreign Investment and Technology Transfer Act to provide all investment related services from a single point for the convenience of the investors. All the services required by foreign investors including registration of industries, renewal, and exit, among others, are provided from a single building.

Along with facilitating services, facilities, exemptions, and concessions, the OSSC also assists industries, entrepreneurs, and investors to obtain electricity, water, land, and other infrastructures required for establishment.

The OSSC is located within the premises of the DoI, Tripureswor, Kathmandu. It provides all services related to the approval of foreign investment not exceeding NRs. 6 billion; visa recommendations for foreign investors, their authorized representatives, and foreign experts; and foreign currency exchange facilities. The DoI also provides approval of Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) reports required for setting up industries.

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