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Procedure Chart

  • Foreign Investment Procedure in New Industry
  • VISA Approval Procedure
  • Repatriation Procedure
      • 1) Sales of Shares

        For the repatriation of the sale of shares of the foreign investor, he/she or the concerned company must apply to the Department of Industry for recommendation to the central bank [ Detail ]

      • 2) Dividends

        Any foreign investor, wishing to repatriate his dividend from his investment as per the FITTA 1992 has to obtain a recommendation from the DOI. The foreign investor or the company has to apply [ Detail ]

      • 3) Loan and Interest

        The industrial unit with foreign loan has to apply to the DOI for sending out the principal and interest on foreign loan obtained with the approval of DOI [ Detail ]

      • 4) Technology Transfer Fees

        The industrial unit with approved technology transfer agreement, trademark license agreement, management agreement, technical assistance agreement can apply to the DOI for the transfer of fees as per the agreement. The company has to submit the calculation of the amount due to the foreign technology supplier certified by the auditor along with the certificate of payment of income tax on royalty as per the prevailing tax rate. [ Detail ]

      • 5) Salaries and Allowance of Expatriates

        For the repatriation of salaries, allowances and emoluments received by the expatriate, the industry has to apply to the DOI for recommendation [ Detail ]