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प्रगति विवरण भर्ने तरिका

Step 1 Log into
Step 2 Click On industrial Statistics Entry System tab (down at home page)
Step 3 Click on अथवा यहाँ क्लिक गरेर नयाँ खाता खोल्नुहोस
Step 4 Type Your Industry Name
Step 5 Create username and password for the profile (save it for use and alsomention one mail address)
Step 6 Open Your Email Address
Step 7 Click on inbox or spam (sometimes the verification message can go into spam
Step 8 Click on the inbox spam (sometimes the verification message can go into spam
Step 9 Click on the verification message and the link will open a new tab
Step 10 Reinsert your username and password
Step 11 Upload the scan of original a) company registration certificate b) Industry registration certificate c) PAN /VAT certificate
Step 12 After Submission of the scanned document , DOI will verify the authenticity of the sender
Step 13 After verification from DOI regarding the uploading of scanned documents, you can finally fill the Progress report of the industry and submit it
Step 14 Save Conformation number /Print my submitted report
Step 15 Open Your Email Address